Photoshop CC Advanced: Web and Video

This course provides an overview for experienced Photoshop users who wish to enhance their skills through ideal combination of instructor-led demonstrations and hands-on practice.


  1. Adobe Bridge
    • Working with Adobe Bridge
    • Workspace
    • Viewing and managing files
    • Running automated tasks
    • Metadata and keywords
    • Mini Bridge
  2. Advanced Compositing
    • Getting started
    • Arranging layers
    • Using Smart Filters
    • Painting a layer
    • Adding a background
    • Automating a multistep task
    • Upscaling a low-resolution image
    • Saving the image for four-color printing
    • Matching color schemes across images
    • Stitching a panorama
    • Finishing the image
  3. HDR
    • 16-bit and 32-bit color space
    • Creating High Dynamic Range (HDR) files
  4. Setting up a 2.5D Effect for Animated Photos
    • Correcting digital photographs in Photoshop
    • Correcting image distortion
    • Adding depth of field
    • Content-aware scaling
    • Content-aware fill
    • Healing tools
    • Stamp tools
  5. Working with 3D Images
    • Getting started
    • Creating a 3D shape from a layer
    • Manipulating 3D objects
    • Adding 3D objects
    • Merging 3D layers to share the same 3D space
    • Positioning objects in a scene
    • Applying materials to 3D objects
    • Lighting a 3D scene
    • Rendering a 3D scene
  6. Animation
    • Understanding animation
    • Frame-based animation
    • Timeline-based animation
    • Animating a layer
    • Animating a layer style
    • Exporting your animation
  7. Designing Graphics for Video
    • Aspect ratio- square vs. nonsquare pixels
    • Previewing video images in Photoshop
    • Broadcast legal colors (Vectorscope and Waveform Monitor)
    • Understanding interlaced / Progressive frames
    • Action safe and title safe guides
    • Photoshop in AfterEffect, Motion, Premiere, Final Cut and Avid
    • Creating DVD menus in Photoshop (for Encore)