Introduction to Software Development

This course discuss the introduction and basics of different Application languages and their integration with one another using the various development frameworks.


  1. Introduction to Entity Framework
    • Use LocalDB as a Development Database
    • Read Database Data with Entity Framework
    • Insert, Update, and Delete Data from a Database using Entity Framework
    • Write LINQ to Entity Framework Queries
    • Call Views and Stored Procedures using Entity Framework
    • Use the Repository Pattern in Entity Framework
  2. Getting Started with Python
    • The basics with Python
    • Using Built-In Data Structures
    • Iterate over Collections
    • Write OO Python
    • Delve Deeper into Python Features
  3. Introduction with Git
    • Install the Git Tools
    • Clone an Existing Repository
    • Add Files to a Repository
    • Edit Files in a Git Repository
    • Create and Merge Branches
    • Rewrite History in a Git Repository
    • Resolve Merge Conflicts
  4. Introduction with JavaScript
    • Configure Your Development Environment
    • JavaScript Language Essentials
    • Booleans, Numbers, and Strings
    • Create and Use Arrays
    • Object-Oriented Programming
  5. Introduction with C#
    • Compile a Command-Line Program
    • Format Strings for Output
    • Display Numeric Values
    • Call Code in Other Assemblies
    • Write and Call Methods
    • Organize Your Code into Classes
    • Simplify Your Classes with Properties
    • Simplify Your Code with Enums
    • Handle Exceptions
    • Create a Class Library