Python Developer Training

With Python Developer Training, you will learn specific Python development skills and important Python programming subjects that will enable rapid application development.


  1. Getting Started with Python
    • Introduction to Python
    • Writing basic scripts
    • Object Oriented (OO) Python
  2. Introduction to SQLAlchemy
    • Introduction to ORMs and SQLAlchemy
    • SQLAlchemy ORM
  3. Debugging and Profiling
    • Logging Library
    • Debugging
    • Profiling
  4. Python Concepts
    • Pack and Unpack Parameters and Arguments
    • Leverage the Full Power of Dictionaries
    • Create Decorators to Add Functionality to Existing Functions
    • Write Modular Classes and Mixins with Multiple Inheritance
    • Create Properties to Implement Getters, Setters, and Deleters
    • Iterate over Iterators and Iterables
    • Create Generators to Implement Iterators
    • Use String Interpolation to Simplify Text Manipulation
    • Deal with runtime errors gracefully with exception handling
    • Write Pythonic code
  5. Working with remote directories using OS
    • Work with Files and Processes on Your Workstation
    • Work with Files on a Remote Server