CCSP Training

Our Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) training course will enable you to ascertain an understanding of protecting and optimizing Cloud Security environments, along with the skills needed to implement this understanding. This training course will allow the delegates to further develop their skills in Cloud Security by providing comprehensive information that enables delegates to understand issues related to Cloud Security and solutions to solve these issues.


  1. Strategies for protecting data at rest and in motion
  2. The six phases of data lifecycle
  3. Recognize strategies for classifying data, protecting data, management, ensuring privacy, and monitoring agencies
  4. Enhance data, application integrity, and access management solutions
  5. Concepts of lost file recovery and event management
  6. Identify privacy issues within a cloud environment for auditing controls and reporting attributes
  7. Learn techniques for regulatory frameworks, crime analysis, and evidence gathering methods
  8. Determine types of controls, various level of integrity, confidentiality, and availability for securing data
  9. Find out how to maintain business continuity and also prepare disaster recovery plans and techniques
  10. Add virtual and physical components to risk management analysis