Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

In this course, you will learn about the Microsoft Azure’s tools, portals, architecture and services. It incorporates materials from the Official Microsoft Learning Product and can also assist you in your preparing for implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions


  1. Introduction to Azure
    • Cloud Technology Overview
    • Azure Infrastructure Review
    • Azure Portals
    • Managing Azure Using Windows PowerShell
    • Overview of  Azure Resource Manager
  2. Implement and Manage Azure Networks
    • Plan Virtual Networks
    • Implement and Manage Azure Virtual Networks
    • Configure Connections to Azure Virtual Networks
  3. Implement Virtual Machines
    • Overview of Azure Resource Manager virtual machines
    • Planning for Azure virtual machines
    • Deploying Azure Resource Manager virtual machines
    • Authoring Azure Resource Manager templates
  4. Overview of classic virtual machines Manage Virtual Machines
    • Configure Virtual Machines
    • Manage and Configure Virtual Machine Disks
    • Manage and Monitor Azure Virtual Machines
    • Implement Azure App services
    • Plan for App Deployment in App Service
    • Deploy, Configure, and Monitor Web Apps
    • Traffic Manager
  5. Plan and Implement Storage, Backup, and Recovery Services
    • Plan, Implement, and Manage Storage
    • Implement Azure Content Delivery Networks
    • Implementing Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery
  6. Plan and Implement Azure SQL Database
    • Deploy Azure SQL Database and security
    • Monitor Azure SQL Database and security
  7. Implement PaaS Cloud Services
    • Plan and Deploy PaaS Cloud Services
    • Configure Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)
    • Monitoring Cloud Services
  8. Implement Azure-based Management and Automation
    • Implement Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS)
    • Automation Components
    • PowerShell Workflows managing Automation