MCSA Windows 8

This training delves into several of the new features in the Windows 8 environment to make the transition that much easier. You’ll be guided through the new start screen, tiles and the Windows 8 apps, navigation and hot corners, and much more. You will also learn how to organize and get access to the information that you care about most with this new environment.


  1. Getting Started
    • Signing into Windows 8
    • Introducing the Windows 8 user interface
    • Introducing hot corners and navigating with the mouse
    • Using keyboard shortcuts
    • Introducing tiles and Windows 8 apps
    • Introducing Live Tiles
    • Using the App Commands Bar
    • Opening/switching/closing apps
    • Accessing and using the desktop pt. 1
    • Accessing and using the desktop pt. 2
    • Restarting/shutting down Windows 8
  2. Navigating the Charm Bars
    • Introducing the Charms Bar
    • Using Search
    • Using Share
    • Using the Start Charm
    • Using the Devices Charm
    • Using the Settings Charm
  3. Customizing Windows 8
    • Creating a Picture Password
    • Changing/removing a Picture Password
    • Adding a user account
    • Personalizing the Lock Screen
    • Personalizing the Start Screen
    • Viewing/changing Start Screen options for Windows 8 apps
    • Customizing Windows 8 apps
    • Customizing the desktop
    • Changing PC settings
  4. Apps and Features in Windows 8
    • Introducing the Mail app
    • Introducing the Calendar app
    • Introducing the Messaging app
    • Introducing the People app
    • Introducing the Photos app
    • Introducing the Xbox┬« Music app
    • Introducing the Video app
    • Introducing and using Internet Explorer┬« 10
    • Introducing the Windows Store app